FalcoX Software

The Ultimate Control of Your Drone

We not only produce the best hardware for your drone, but the absolute best software as well. Get your drone flying in less then 5 minutes, without needing to know advance configuration like open source alternatives like BetaFlight. The performance is also superior for both freestyle and racing. Our software is used by the majority of the worlds top racers as well as some of the biggest freestyle pilots as well. No need to tune, just set up your drone and choose from our many preset tunes and rates. Get your quad in the air and flying amazing in no time!

We want anyone to be able to fly drones, no degree required!

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Flight Controllers

Brains of your Drone

Flight Controllers designed for the absolute best flying performance possible. We hand selected the best gyro with the most sensitivity so every quad performs flawlessly. Power circuity and lay out design for premium noise reduction. Gummies invented by FlightOne for perfect isolation while grabbing the screws perfectly so they do not move. Everything about our flight controllers as been meticuliously thought out for the best performance possible.

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Speed Controllers

Spins your Motors

STM32 BLHeli32 based Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) which controls your motors. Designed with a variety of choice for different scenarios. From our budget ESC which still give amazing performance, to our hybrid ESC which works in all frame lay outs. Most powerful and smoothest ESC available on the market today.

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Spins your Props

Our motors offer no compromises with everything feature available. From solid one piece bells which give extra durability and performance, to being the first to add vibration dampening to the mounting of our bearings to give the absolutely smoothest spinning motors on the market. Our motors not only look great, but perform the best on the market. The most efficient motors available, giving you the most power for your money.

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The Structure of your Drone

Our frames were designed to give no compromises in performance and easy of build. We design our frames to not only be durable, but also have all the room needed to mount your flight hardware. This enables you to have a flawlessly performing quads without having interference from placing your components to close together. Backed buy our lifetime warranties we guarantee you will never find a better flying frame.

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